Leadership sets the pace for success.

The Tourism Authority Board of Directors set the policy and strategic direction of the Bureau. The Board of Directors consists of stakeholders within the community who come together to guide the Bureau in driving visitation to Cabarrus County to generate the maximum impact through hotel stays and visitor spending.

Board Members are required to attend 75% of the meetings annually, be willing to serve actively on committees as needed as well as in the bi-monthly meetings. Board Members are eligible to request for Appointment for an additional three-year term upon their initial term expiration. The Board is also required to abide by the bylaws and the conflict of interest policy set forth by the Bureau.

Cabarrus County Tourism Authority Board
The Executive Committee consists of Greg Walter as Board Chair, Jay White as Treasurer and Terry Crawford as Secretary.

Nominated By Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners
Diane Honeycutt
Allen Tate
Seat Number 4
BOC Member or County Manager (At-Large)
Appointment: 7/18/16
(unexpired term)
Reappointment: 6/18/18
Reappointment: 6/21/21
Term Expiring: 6/30/24
Devante Watkins
Hampton Inn & Suites Concord/Charlotte
Seat Number 7
Hotelier (At-Large)
Appointment: 3/20/23
(unexpired term)
Term Expiring: 6/30/25
Mike Downs
Cabarrus County
Seat Number 1
Appointment: 6/15/20
Term Expiring: 06/30/23
Reappointment: 06/16/23
Term Expiring: 06/30/26
Nominated By Cabarrus County Tourism Authority
Terry Crawford – Secretary
City of Concord
Seat Number 5
Appointment: 6/18/18
Reappointment: 6/21/21
Term Expiring: 6/30/26
Angela Brown
Great Wolf Lodge
Seat Number 8
Appointment: 6/20/22
Term Expiring: 6/30/25
Greg Walter – Board Chair
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Seat Number 2
Tourism Activist
Appointment: 6/15/20
Reappointment: 6/19/23
Term Expiring: 6/30/26
Steve Steinbacher
Cabarrus Brewing Company
Seat Number 10
Tourism Activist
Appointment: 5/21/18
(unexpired term)
Reappointment: 6/15/20
Term Expiring: 6/30/23
Reappointment: 06/19/23
Term Expiring: 06/30/26
Vinay Patel
SREE Hotels
Seat Number 11
Appointment: 6/21/21
Effective: 7/1/21
Term Expiring: 6/30/24
Jay White – Treasurer
Hartsell & Williams, P.A.
Seat Number 12
Appointment: 7/17/18
(unexpired term)
Reappointment: 6/17/19
Reappointment: 6/20/22
Term Expiring: 6/30/25
Nominated by the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce
Owen Parker
Griffin Stafford
Seat Number 6
Appointment: 6/18/18
Reappointment: 6/21/21
Term Expiring: 6/30/24
James Ross
Concord Mills
Seat Number 9
Appointment: 11/21/22
(unexpired term)
Term Expiring: 6/30/25
Alison Paladino
The Chamber
Seat Number 3
Appointment: 6/19/23
Term Expiring: 6/30/26

Meet the Board

Get to know the local leaders who drive Cabarrus County’s hospitality industry!

Cabarrus County CVB President and CEO Donna Carpenter sits down with each Board Member to discuss topics such as what drives them, why tourism is critical to our local economy and what the future holds for our industry in the year ahead and beyond. Click on each Board Member’s name below to view the video.