King Midgets Rule in Concord August 6-9 2009

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November 22, 2017
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November 22, 2017

(July 27, 2009) – Concord, NC – August 6 – 9 will be nearly 75 King Midget cars here for the King Midget Car Club’s Annual Jamboree. The cars and their owners will be coming to Concord from as far away as Michigan, Ohio, Texas, California, Florida, New York and New Jersey.

In their heyday, King Midgets were billed as the “World’s Number One Fun Car,” and today – fifty years later — these small, minimalist cars are owned and driven by a growing number of folks who take their cars, and their fun, very seriously.

The original King Midget in 1946 was a single passenger car, sold in a kit that included only the basics like wheels, steering gear, plants, templates for body work and an assembly book. Over the next 25 years, other King Midget models became available, each with its own set of improvements. However, through all its evolutions, the construction of the King Midget remained simple, and passenger amenities remained spartan. However, from the early one-passenger model to the final fiberglass finale, the King Midget had lots of fans.

The annual Jamboree helps keep the interest going and the King Midget marquee alive. And, members of the International King Midget Car Club love their royal ride. During this year’s Jamboree in the Heart of NASCAR Country, members will drive their King Midgets on tours to Reed Gold Mine, Rocky River Vineyard, Dennis Carpenter’s Museum, Charlotte Motor Speedway, NASCAR race shops and historic Downtown Concord.

Local residents wanting to see the cars, meet their proud owners and learn more about the King Midget can stop by Concord Howard Johnson, the Jamboree’s host hotel, after 5pm any day of the Jamboree.

Owners of King Midget cars who would like to participate in the Jamboree can contact Robert or Susan Frady at 803-329-5878 or email