Groundbreaking Ceremony for Mustang Owner’s Museum held in Concord, North Carolina

National Mustang Museum coming to Concord, North Carolina
November 25, 2017
Travel Media Showcase coming to Concord, North Carolina
November 25, 2017

CONCORD, NC (August 1, 2016) – On Saturday, enthusiasts gathered at the site of the future Mustang Owner’s Museum to mark the beginning of an attraction that will celebrate their stories along with the history of the iconic American sports car.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony served as a special memory for Mustang fans as they captured photos of their family, friends and personal vehicles on the grounds where the Museum will open in the summer of 2017.

“The only one of its kind, this attraction will serve a gathering place for Mustang aficionados from across the globe. A place where stories are shared, friendships are formed and memories are made,” said Donna Carpenter, President and CEO of the Cabarrus County Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Known as “Where Racing Lives,” Cabarrus County is a destination that not only shares the history of a sport but allows all who pass through our area to be immersed in the automotive culture.”

While not affiliated with Ford Motor Company, Mustang Club of America or any other Mustang related business venture, the project is the concept of long-time Mustang enthusiasts Steve Hall, from Atlanta, GA and Ron Bramlett, from Morada, CA.

The Cabarrus County Convention and Visitors Bureau established a relationship with Hall and Bramlett after working to attract and host the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration held in Concord in April 2014.

“We are incredibly proud that the National Mustang Owner’s Museum decided on Cabarrus County to be the right place to call home,” said Steve Morris, Cabarrus County Commissioners Chairman.

The Mustang Owner’s Museum will be located at 60 Pitts School Road in Concord, North Carolina, just minutes from Charlotte Motor Speedway. For more information and to track the Museum’s progress, visit


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