We’re here to help visitors make memories.

Memories that translate to repeat visits, to tax savings for residents and to building one of the most powerful economic forces in Cabarrus County.

The graphic below illustrates how visitors benefit a community. The process begins and ends with the most important element—people—starting with travelers and working down to the local community. In 2022, travel and tourism directly employed more than 4,410 people and generated payroll of $157.8 million. When new money is infused into our local economy, tourism sustains local business one happy visitor at a time.

As a destination marketing organization (DMO), the Cabarrus County Convention & Visitors Bureau’s (CVB) primary objective is to promote and market Cabarrus County as a visitor destination.

We also represent and support the interests of the local tourism industry and promote public awareness of the importance of tourism. We are funded by a portion of the room occupancy tax and operate under the auspices of the Cabarrus County Tourism Authority.

Graphic credit: U.S. Travel Association