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Kim thinks we’re contagious. April is now an all-star concierge who no longer wants to run and hide when guests ask for help! Andrew and Vicki feel like they’ve found a home.

We’re proud to be ranked 12th in travel impact among North Carolina’s 100 counties, and visitor stories like these are our key to cracking the Top 10.

  •  Marla Zickefoose
    Connecting with Cabarrus County CVB during Travel Media Showcase facilitated the opportunity to get an in-depth view of where racing lives and so much more. The relationship created during Travel Media Showcase between Cabarrus County CVB and I assisted in developing the precise list of local destinations specific to the demographic of my community of readers. Julie and her team were instrumental in creating a targeted itinerary of local businesses for my visit. Cabarrus County CVB's expertise provided essential information to assist in creating content that enabled me to highlight the many unique, family friendly destinations that position Cabarrus County as the premiere destination for family travel in North Carolina. Marla Zickefoose, Blogger, JustMarla.com
  • William Gurstelle
    In 2015, I met representatives of Cabarrus County at the Travel Media Showcase event in Bloomington, Indiana. My interview with them convinced me that this was a place that would make a fantastic travel piece for a major publication. Subsequently, I visited Cabarrus County and wrote a long form article for Popular Mechanics entitled "The Fastest County in the USA." My experience working with CCCVB was excellent. Their hard work provided me access to key places and people, and I was able to put together a piece that I feel got to the "racing heart" of this wonderful and interesting place. Thanks to them partnering with me on this major writing project.” William Gurstelle, WilliamGurstelle.com
    William Gurstelle
  • Karon Warren/Freelance writer
    Meeting Julie of the Visit Cabarrus CVB at Travel Media Showcase was one of the best appointments I had during TMS. Julie has been extremely helpful in arranging introductions with travel and tourism partners in Cabarrus County that have resulted in published stories on the county’s racing attractions, the sport of drag racing and even two hotel reviews for two different clients. In addition, for a cover story assignment on a NASCAR driver, Julie quickly connected me with the appropriate PR team to facilitate interviews. She also has provided photographs and additional information upon request with a quick turnaround, something every freelance writer appreciates. Julie and the entire Visit Cabarrus team are one of the best CVBs I’ve worked with (and I have worked with a lot), and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to connect with them at TMS. Karon Warren/Freelance writer, ThisGirlTravels.com
    Karon Warren/Freelance writer
    Karon Warren/Freelance writer
  • Evin Stanford/Meeting Planner
    In a joint effort to influence the Southwest Deer Study to select Cabarrus County, [CVB Staff] decided to call Evin Stanford, meeting planner, to assure him that transportation would be a smooth process for the conference attendees. Knowing that he was considering several locations including Charlotte, [CVB Staff] begin to sell him on our transportation sponsorship and other services [CVB] could offer his group. Evin, stated that the transportation was his only concern and after speaking to [CVB], he felt confident it would be a fairly easy process. He also went on to say the following, “I’m already sold on the area due to Mr. Green [CVB Travel Counselor]. I met him over the weekend and he is a true advocate for the area. I came into the visitor center to receive general information on the area, and I left thinking this place (Concord) could work for our 2016 meeting.” Evin Stanford/Meeting Planner, Southwest Deer Study
    Evin Stanford/Meeting Planner
    Southwest Deer Stud
  • Melissa Vera/Blogger
    Julie, Thank you so much for the welcome packet that was waiting for us at the Great Wolf Lodge at check in. We really enjoyed our weekend in Charlotte and Concord! Thank you so much for the opportunity. Looking forward to working with you again. Melissa Vera/Blogger, Adventures of a Frugal Mom
    Melissa Vera/Blogger
    Adventures of a Frugal Mom
  • Karen Primeaux
    [Speedway Club], you guys have hospitality nailed there in Concord. The reception was lovely, the food delicious and the ability to take a ride in a pace car was over the top. Once again thank you for being such a gracious host. [CVB Staff], Cabarrus County has it all, friendly folks, great dining, wonderful hotels, great attractions and above all the most hospitable tourism professionals that I have met anywhere in my 20 years in tourism. Karen Primeaux, Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission
    Karen Primeaux
    Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission