Plugged in means planned out.

Staying tuned in to the visitor’s frequency is key to capitalizing on tomorrow. Our organization utilizes a variety of research to help in the decision making process as vision plans, annual marketing plans, and budgets are created. The most critical types of research for the Bureau include lodging profile studies, leisure and group visitor studies, daily occupancy report studies and economic impact studies.

The Bureau partners with Young Strategies Incorporated based in Charlotte, NC to execute critical research components. Young Strategies performs research and creates strategic plans in destinations throughout the country. The Bureau also partners with Smith Travel Research to collect lodging data including occupancy rates, room demand, average daily rates (ADR), and revenue per available room (REVPAR). This research is key to helping determine what the need periods are for the destination and also reveal details about the visitor such as target markets and what they do while they’re in town. Feedback gathered during the research process is also utilized to help make improvements in the destination and encourage longer visits and repeat visits.