Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.

Having a complete understanding of the visitor is key to capitalizing on tomorrow. Our organization utilizes a variety of research to help in the decision-making process for strategic plans, marketing plans, and budgets.

This type of research includes occupancy reports which highlight Occupancy, ADR (Average Daily Rates), and RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) for our lodging properties. Visitor profile studies give the organization the “why” as it relates to visitation. This data lets us know whether a visitor came here to visit friends and family, attend a race, or participate in a business meeting or conference. Additional information obtained includes feedback on the visitor experience.

In 2021, the Bureau began a partnership with Zartico, the world’s only Destination Operating System.

Powered by science, technology and human ingenuity, Zartico’s Destination Operating System is a complete strategic planning solution that provides an unprecedented visibility into the movement of people and economic opportunities. The system converts raw visitation data into action-ready insights that transform how our organization makes decisions. The system utilizes the largest commercially available stream of geolocation data, which is layered with credit card spending data and event data to paint a complete picture of Cabarrus County’s visitor economy. We now have a clearer understanding of where our visitors are coming from, where they visit within Cabarrus County, and how much they spend when they are in town. The system operates in real time so trends can be quickly analyzed, and actionable plans can be put in place.